Fiteclub was a zine I planned on releasing at the end of last year as some larger “project” that bridged the gap between some of the blog posts on this website and a coherent piece of writing. However, since I am notoriously horrific at keeping a proper rate of creative output I ended up burning out hard, failing to complete half of the planned material, and sitting on what was finished for months. Around February of this year I decided to finally compile whatever material I had composed into a small, unfinished zine – mainly just so I didn’t have to read any of the writing again and to absolve myself of any obligation to finish it. I doubt anyone will get much of anything out of this, but hopefully it offers some perspective – even if that just arrives from laughing at it.

My aim for this project was to write about topics that only I cared about in the hopes that by writing with an expected audience of zero people this zine would somehow loop around and be vaguely interesting to those who have similar brain worms to mine. I’ve spent way too much time in the past trying and failing to condense my work into a more general, consumable format to the point where I was convinced that the only way to reach that goal would be to just indulge my worst habits to their logical extremes and essentially just parody myself. The articles that Fiteclub would consist of intended to only be interesting to people in the exact same situation at the exact same time, regardless of the fact that this audience doesn’t exist and never would exist. If you’re a vaguely-depressive, anxiety-ridden culchie this is the zine for you (and I hate you for it).