When I first came up with the idea of me running a blog on neocities I planned on hosting some of my older writing on here so I’d actually have readable content from the start. However, two nights ago I read through the last finished post I wrote (a piece on dreams) and I quickly realized how trash it was. The sentences felt stiff and didn’t flow, everything felt detached and it was just a really bad read. As a result of this I decided to scrap my original plan, leaving me with an empty blog. So I’m here, writing this post to give myself the illusion of having done something productive today and giving others the illusion that there’s content on this site.

I’m not necessarily sure what I’m going to mainly use this blog for. Knowing me it’s either going to be a dumping ground for writing projects posted elsewhere, a scarcely updated place for venting or just a site consisting of this one post. This has probably been the fourth or fifth time I’ve considered running a blog, and based on my track record it’s probably not going to be the last. However, I’m forcing myself to have at least one article ready to post by the end of this mid-term and hopefully it’ll actually flow.